Foreign currency accounts for YNAB.

Manage multiple currency accounts in a single budget in You Need A Budget.

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This app is not a part of the official You Need A Budget product.


Some notable features of this app that set it apart from other solutions (such using separate budgets for different currencies, the YNAB Multi-Currency app, or the Currency Converter for YNAB app):


“Just brilliant! It is so much easier now to reconcile my foreign accounts, which were quite a pain before.”

“I tested different workflows, like changing the category of a foreign transaction after the diff transaction was added, as well as removing a foreign transaction, and in all cases your tool takes care of it perfectly.

Thank you so much for making this seamless tool. As someone who lives in two currencies, it has made YNAB so much more useful and easy to use.”

James Rose

“This is brilliant. Thank you so much. […] I live in NZ but I still have accounts in the US and have long been managing everything in a pair of YNAB4 budgets. Having everything in one budget while still tracking my US accounts in USD...amaaaazing!”


“Well done. You've gone beyond the "easy" part (transaction entry) and tackled the primary barrier of mixing foreign currencies in a zero-based budget -- the ever changing equivalent values of what's in the foreign accounts.”



This is based on an approach that I've been using manually for several years and found to work very well for our family budget which crosses three different currencies and involves a lot of foreign transactions and transfers (after trying a few other ways first).

The approach boils down to:

For example, if

the Euro difference account would hold $10.00, since

If you create a €10.00 transaction, a corresponding transaction for $1.00, with the same payee and category, will be created in the Euro difference account in order to keep its balance correct.


For more detailed information, open the help documentation.

Connect to your YNAB budget


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This app is not a part of the official You Need A Budget product.