May 1, 2021

There are two major updates that may effect your budget:

Difference accounts are now matched by exact account type

Prior to this change, the the difference account's type only had to partially match the foreign account's type (debit: checking/savings/cash, credit: credit card/line of credit, or tracking: asset/liability). This has turned out to cause trouble with net worth in some cases, so we will now match by the exact type.

Note that partial matching is still supported, so your existing account setup will continue to work, but a suggestion will be displayed to add an exactly matching difference account. Support for partial type matches may be removed at some point in the future.

Difference transactions are now created for transfers to/from foreign accounts

Prior to this change, transfers to/from foreign accounts were ignored, and we relied on adjustment transactions to keep things in balance. This meant that, in some cases, YNAB could not track budget category amounts correctly. In the case of credit card payments that could lead to payments not being attributed to the the Credit Card Payments budget category fot the credit card difference account. For transfers to tracking accounts, the converted amount was not attributed to the original transaction's budget category.

This change means the best way to make a transfer between currencies has changed slightly. In a nutshell, you should assign the "leftover" amount to the Exchange Rate Adjustments <CUR> payee for the source account's currency and your exchange rate adjustments budget category (which will be filled in automatically by YNAB when you enter the payee), rather than as a transfer to the difference account. See the transfers between currencies help for more details about how to structure transfers between currencies now.

Note that the old way still works, but will result in extra adjustment transactions being created automatically to bring things back into line.

Due to this change, putting <CONVERT> in an account's nickname/notes will no longer longer have any effect, since difference transactions are now always created for transfers. However, you may still put <NOCONVERT> in a transaction's memo to prevent creating a difference transaction.

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