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This app is not a part of the official You Need A Budget product.


Account and transaction data received from the YNAB API is not stored permanently; it is only kept in memory while processing transactions, and then discarded.

The only information from the YNAB API this app stores permanently is:

This data is stored on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance, and also backed up to an AWS S3 bucket, that only the administrators of this app have access to.


We store a session ID cookie in your browser to remember which YNAB user you've connected as. This cookie will never be used for any tracking purposes.


We record basic server access logs that include the date and time, your public IP address, and paths you access. These are only used for security and debugging purposes, and will be discarded after at most seven days.


We may use your data to display aggregated statistics, such as total number of transactions processed by this app.


No data collected by this app will be passed to a third party except insofar as is necessary for the operation of the app, and only to third-parties which make the same guarantee (for example, the app is hosted on Amazon Web Services).

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This app is not a part of the official You Need A Budget product.